Shinchan Season-6

Shinchan Season-6

TV-MA     Animation, Comedy   TV Series (2006–2011)

Episode 01 – Me and My Friends Wear Himawari’s Clothes! / Shiro Eats a Cake! / Dad Plays a Contest on TV!

Episode 02 – Mom and Himawari Have Left the House! / Making a Second Secret Defence Base! / Playing Hide-and-seek with Matsuzaka Ma’am!

Episode 03 – Shopping with Masao! / I Will Play a New Game Today!

Episode 04 – Dad Only Loves Himawari! / We’re Going on a Picnic! / Kasukabe Defence Group is Best!

Episode 05 – My Grandfathers Pay a Surprise Visit Together! / Dad Has a New Cellphone! / I get Chocochips for My Efforts!

Episode 06 – Today is Our Photoshoot! / Visiting a New School! / Mom Has Pollen Allergy!

Episode 07 – Himawari Imitates Everyone! / Dad is Troubled by the Neighbours! / Finding the Lost Envelope!

Episode 08 – Stop Global Warming Like Us! / I Will Make Kazama Babysit! / I Will Take Care of Nanako!

Episode 09 – I Hurt Myself! / Mom’s New Job Starts Today! / Mom’s New Job is Difficult!

Episode 10 – I Play Stone-Paper-Scissors With Mom! / Taking an Insurance is a Good Habit! / Dad is Turned Into a Vegetarian!

Episode 11 – A New Baby at Nene-chan’s House! / Matsuzaka Ma’am and I have been Hurt! / Matsuzaka Ma’am is Hurt, Once Again!

Episode 12 – The Kasukabe Defence Training Comes Useful! / Matsuzaka Ma’am is Admitted in the Hospital! / Matsuzaka Ma’am and I Are Admitted in the Hospital!

Episode 13 – I Ran From the Hospital! / One More Day at the Hospital! / Matsuzaka Ma’am and the Doctor are Now Friends!

Episode 14 – I’m Discharged from the Hospital! / I’m Trying to Walk! / My Leg Still Hurts!

Episode 15 – Shin-chan Rejoins School! / Masumi Ma’am Shows Her Different Side! / What is in the Gift Box?

Episode 16 – Masumi Ma’am’s Secret Behind her Spectacles! / A War in the Nohara House! / Mom is Upset with Dad!

Episode 17 – Camping in School! / We’re Going to Micchi and Yoshirin’s House!

Episode 18 – Eating Ice Candies! / A Failure in the AC!

Episode 19 – Mom Has a Forgetting Habit! / Hiccups Won’t Stop! / Playing the House Game!

Episode 20 – Which Toy Should I Purchase? / I Will Exact Revenge on Himawari! / Himawari Has Locked the Door!

Episode 21 – Will Himawari be a Pianist? / Micchi Will Tell Our Future! / Bursting Crackers!

Episode 22 – I’ll Be a Silent Child Today! / Playing with the Cleaning Roller! / We’re Going to Visit Matsuzaka Ma’am

Episode 23 – We Will Encourage Masumi Ma’am! / The Video Player Isn’t Working!

Episode 24 – Fighting the Mosquitoes! / Visiting an Old Aunt! / Mom and Me Are Looking For Shiro!

Episode 25 – Dad and Me Will Play the Airplane Game! / Planet Earth is in Danger! / Matsuzaka Ma’am Will Be Discharged Today!

Episode 26 – Matsuzaka Ma’am Rejoins School! / Mitzi Tells Himawari a Story! / We’re Going to the Park Today!

Episode 27 – Helping Matsuzaka Ma’am! / A Robber in Our House! / We Will Dig Out Potatoes!

Episode 28 – A New Dishwasher in the House! / Searching for Kazama’s Lost Item! / I Will Stay Awake in the Night!

Episode 29 – Bo-chan Gets the First Prize in Painting! / Dad on a Morning Walk? Something is Fishy! / I Will Spy on Dad!

Episode 30 – I Found a Magical Thermos! / What are Nene-chan and Masao Hiding? / A New Cat in Our House!

Episode 31 – We Will Eat Sweet Potatoes! / Yoshirin Has Left the House! / Yoshirin is Back With Micchi!

Episode 32 – Will I be Gifted the Action Kamen Present? / We Will Follow Matsuzaka Ma’am! / Going for a Car Wash!

Episode 33 – Himawari Troubles Me Again! / Mom Will Drop Me to School! / Yoshinaga Ma’am is Going on a Date!

Episode 34 – Protecting Kazama! / Dad Stays Out Whole Night!

Episode 35 – A Brother-sister Love Between Me and Himawari! / We Will Find Interesting Stones Today! / I Will Save Nanako Today!

Episode 36 – Today’s Day is Weird! / Going to the Market to Purchase Organic Eggs!

Episode 37 – Visiting a Bumper Sale! / I’m Kazama’s Best Friend! / We’ve Realised That Pencil Cells Are Very Important!

Episode 38 – Mom will Fix the Quantum Robot! / Playing in the Ice! / Visiting the Hot Spring!

Episode 39 – It Will be Fun in the Mall Today! / Patrolling the City!

Episode 40 – Mom and Micchi Will Collect Money Today! / Nene-chan is the Tragedy Heroine! / I Went to School on a Holiday!

Episode 41 – Mom is Working on the Savings! / Nene-chan Does Fortune Telling! / Going to a Poetry Class!

Episode 42 – I Will Collect Used Cans! / Only I am Himawari’s Elder Brother! / A Toy House in Our House!

Episode 43 – Himawari’s Secret Collection! / What is Wrong With Our Memo

Episode 44 – Mom and I Will Eat at an Expensive Restaurant! / What Will We Be When We Grow Up? / Dad gets an Increase in Pocket Money!

Episode 45 – We Will Eat Principal Sir’s Strawberry Cake! / How Can I Sleep in So Much of Noise?

Episode 46 – My Skin Will Be Silky Smooth! / I Will Be a Lucky Boy Today! / Will I get to Play Football Today?

Episode 47 – Mom is Himawari’s Role Model! / Principal Sir Will Tell Us a Story! / Who Do I Resemble?

Episode 48 – Watching my Childhood Video! / Today Kazama Will be Shin-chan Nohara! / Seeing a New Flat!

Episode 49 – Going to Buy a Gift! / Matsuzaka and Dr Tokurou’s Relationship is in Danger! / Watching Action Kamen at a TV Store!

Episode 50 – Grandfather Will Visit Us Today! / I Will Exercise With Grandfather! / We’re Going to See a Picnic Spot!

Episode 51 – Mom Will Read a Story Book! / Me and Kazama are Going to the Salon! / Going on a Space Trip

Episode 52 – The Clothes Are Not Getting Dry! / Finding a New Home for Shiro! / Hiding a Gift is Not Easy!

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