Shinchan Season-7

Shinchan Season-7

TV-MA     Animation, Comedy   TV Series (2006–2011)

Episode 01 – I Will Wear a Traditional Dress! / We’re Making Pasta!

Episode 02 – A Fight Between Himawari and the Fan! / Miss Ageo Hates Heights! / Cleaning My House

Episode 03 – The Kasukabe Defence Team Will Be Separated! / The Kasukabe Defence Team Unites! / Dad Will Write a Speech!

Episode 04 – Mitzi Gets a New Hair Style! / Mitzi Cuts Her Hair, Once Again! / A New Side of Masao!

Episode 05 – Cutting the Grass of the Lawn! / Nene-chan Turns Into a Cook! / Who Will Win Today’s Competition?

Episode 06 – Guests at My Place! / More Guest and More Talks! / A Big Family is So Much Fun!

Episode 07 – Dad Tells Us a Story! / Dad Brings a Doll for Himawari! / I’m Going Out With Nanako!

Episode 08 – What Do I Want From the Market? / We Will Click Many Pictures Today! / What Will Dr Tokurou Say?

Episode 09 – We Have a lot of Coupons! / Famous Comic Writer Arrested! / We Will Help Miss Matsuzaka!

Episode 10 – What Will Happen to Dr Tokurou? / Miss Matsuzaka is in a Bad Mood! / We Are Going to the Airport!

Episode 11 – Mom and Dad’s Story – Part One! / Mom and Dad’s Story – Part Two! / Mom and Dad’s Story – Part Three!

Episode 12 – Himawari Troubles Me a Lot! / A Special Training for Shiro! / Mom is Troubled by the Rains!

Episode 13 – Dad Will Work on a Holiday! / Himawari Visits My School! / Listening to the Crickets Chirp!

Episode 14 – I Won’t Give My Hippo Clip to Anyone! / Nene-chan’s Special Skill! / Himawari Leads Me in a Trouble Always!

Episode 15 – Driving a Car is Risky! / Dad Is Suffering From Severe Toothache! / I Will Cook Tasty Food!

Episode 16 – The Summers Have Ended and the Winters Have Begun! / Visiting a College Festival With Nanako! / Playing a Uniqe Game With Dad!

Episode 17 – Mom Drinks a Bitter Medicine! / Watching a Film Shooting! / Mom Will Make Momos!

Episode 18 – Who is This New Student in Our School? / Mom is Making a Variety of Vegetables These Days!

Episode 19 – What is Wrong With Mom? / What is the Competition Between Kazama and Masao? / Himawari is Angry at Mom!

Episode 20 – Another Day of Commotion in the School! / Playing Dodgeball in School! / Handling Himawari is a Task!

Episode 21 – I Don’t Like Shopping! / Sumo Wrestling Between Me and Kazama! / Himawari, a Fortune Teller!

Episode 22 – A Five Year Old Troubles the Elders! / Masao Learns Special Defence Technique! / We Are Going to Meet Yasushi Uncle!

Episode 23 – I will Sell Sweet Potatoes! / We Will Trouble Kazama! / A New Fridge in Our House!

Episode 24 – I’m a Brilliant Dancer! / I Want Internet! / Me and Dad at a Coffee Shop!

Episode 25 – Savings is My Responsibility! / Going to a Video Store / I’m a Doctor Today!

Episode 26 – I Will Show Ai-chan My Talent! / Me and Dad are Going to the Supermarket! / Shiro Has a New Friend!

Episode 27 – Mom and I Will Take English Lessons! / We’re Being Recorded on the Handycam! / Dad Cooks Stinking Fish!

Episode 28 – Watching TV Will Lead Me and Dad into Trouble! / Will I Get to Eat the Sweet Potatoes Brought By Mom? / We Will Follow Kazama!

Episode 29 – A Child Climbed the Tree! / Putting a Lot of Efforts for Action Kamen Chewing Gum! / Dad Gives Us a Surprise!

Episode 30 – Me and Dad are Going to a Barber! / Himawari is Daydreaming! / Me and Dad are Going Out for Dinner!

Episode 31 – A Party in My House! / I Will Give an Audition Today! / Dad Wins a Lottery!

Episode 32 – I’m Coming Action Kamen! / Mom is Preparing for My School Function! / Mom Will Visit My School!

Episode 34 – Eating Snacks Secretly! / Dad and I Will Play Action Kamen! / I Found a Cell Phone in the Park!

Episode 35 – Ai-chan Pays a Visit! / A Samurai’s Story! / Dad and I Will Do the Housework!

Episode 36 – What is Masao Afraid of? / A Samurai’s Story! / I Want Action Kamen Shoes!

Episode 38 – Why is Mom Angry? / A Burglar in Our House! / A Detective in Our House!

Episode 39 – Will a New Member Join Kasukabe Defence Group! / Uncle, You Should Not Do This! / Dad Has No Rest Even On a Sunday!

Episode 40 – Miss Yoshinaga is Sick! / I Will Meet the Guru! / Miss Yoshinaga is Leaving Us!

Episode 41 – Miss Yoshinaga’s Wedding is Fixed! / Preparations for Miss Yoshinaga’s Wedding! / Nanako and Me Will Participate in a Fancy Dress!

Episode 42 – Miss Yoshinaga is Confused! / Miss Yoshinaga and Ishizaka’s Wedding! / Miss Yoshinaga’s New House!

Episode 43 – Will Dad and Me Record a Video of Yoshirin? / Will Our Dreams Come True? / Where Did Miss Yoshinaga’s Post Card Disappear?

Episode 44 – I Will Learn to Surf! / Norio’s Surfing Story! / Overcome Your Fears!

Episode 45 – I Saw a Weird Dream! / I Will Meet My Twin! / Who is This New Person?

Episode 46 – Dinner Smells Good! / I Will Play Snake and Ladders! / Who Will Win? Mom Or Me?

Episode 47 – Getting Over the Hot Summer!/ Who Amongst Mom and Dad Will Win? / Micchi is Unwell!

Episode 48 – If I Was Shiro…! / Nanako At My Place! / What is Wrong With Nene-chan?

Episode 49 – The Jailhouse Story! / I Will Prepare Rice Balls! / Being Patient is Fruitful!

Episode 50 – On a Flight to Australia! / I Gave Yoshinaga Ma’am a Surprise! / We Are On an Australia Tour!

Episode 51 – Snorkelling is Fun! / Mountain Climbing With Risk! / The Futaba Angels!

Episode 52 – I Want Pocket Money! / Dad Also Wants Pocket Money! / Mom Wants a New Cycle!

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