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10 Facts About Money Heist

Fact no . 1 - Respect for the Creator

If we talk about artists who have inspired the world, and talked a lot about their art, Dali may be at the top of the list. His masterpieces are nothing short of astonishing to his audience. A surrealist at heart, he painted art that stimulates the mind. It is amazing that the La Casa De Papel band has given an amazing hat to this artist to show resistance. What a brilliant beat of ingenuity.

Money Heist
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Fact no . 2 - Name of City Professor

Okay, so this is probably already a lot of people talking but it's still very interesting. So yes, all the characters in the group are named after some of the world's most famous cities, with the exception of one person but we still know that, right? What we may not have known is that this actor who is a criminal Professor, full of knowledge, let us not forget his obscure speech that he also has the name of the city. (It's a mystery, isn't it?) The name of the city he was assigned to, as he told everyone in the interview, Vatican City. He explained for the same reason that the city is well-protected, mysterious, and full of knowledge, which is legal, Professor, made human.

Fact no . 3 - Translation Problem

If you are here, reading this, there is no need to tell you that La Casa De Papel is a Spanish show in the beginning. So yes, the complexity of a language is not well expressed when translated but is as close to interpretation as possible. Let’s take for example, the very title of the program, La Casa De Papel in Spanish literally translated ‘The House of Paper’ in English is completely changed when the English title is kept as Money Heist although it sounds in the show, the meaning is not exactly the same. One cannot help but wonder, 'What would it be like in the first language? How do the characters really sound?

Fact no . 4 - Compatible Script Writing

Well, this is fun. The writers of this excellent play live together after a while and write a few more episodes, so in fact, they write when needed. The logic behind this depends on whether they want to see the reaction of the audience, their understanding and take, and then write accordingly. Is it not very similar to another show in which the script was previously written? Well, what can we say, it's one way to keep things fun!

Fact no . 5 - History of the Red Jumpsuit

Red. How does it speak to you? To most people, however, the color of resistance, anger, and rebellion. The Red Jumpsuit was taken from the inspiration of the French Revolution. "Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood", a statement that kept the rebels promoted against social and economic inequality, is very similar to the same war that Professor fought against the authorities. (Inspired, we know!)

Fact no . 6 - Followers around the world

From the public to celebrities to movie stars, everyone is fascinated by the game as Netflix throws pixie dust and magic happens. Among them is a fan who got so involved in the show that he even touched the producers so much that he even got a role playing in the show! (You're crazy, aren't you?) Well, it was none other than the famous Brazilian soccer player, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior. You are from the monastery!

Fact no . 7 - Rio was in the Indian Advertisement!

This is funny. So we caught Rio in an Indian ad with his funny smile and his sweet words. You have starred in the ad for the music app "Gaana" over the years. We can tell you everything we want, but you can see your captions here.

Fact no . 8 - Vis a Vis

Do you think, what the hell is a Vis a Vis now? Because it should, we reacted the same way. Well, Vis a Vis is a Spanish television series that is similar to Money Heist and, moreover, was directed by Money Heist characters at the time! The undisputed knot between the two shows is that although Vis a Vis is based on the Women's Prison, the Royal Mint of Spain is based on the same set of Vis a Vis. (Now, that's interesting.)

P.S. BaneNairobi! And she is the queen of Money Heist! (But maybe it would be nice to see him in Vis a Vis, who knows.)

Fact no . 9 - The Story Behind the Names of the City Characters

We all know that famous characters, after all, are named after famous cities around the world. Words that go well with their personality, we love them very much. So let's break down how it all started. Going back to the time when the Director and Coordinator of the show, Jesus Colmenar untied the cat in a bag when he told everyone that the creator of Money Heist, Alex Pina once came in wearing a shirt with the word, “Tokyo” inspired him to support the names of legendary characters in cities! (Eh, it makes sense, motivation finds you in an unexpected place).

Fact no . 10 - Our favorite program has almost been canceled!

Launched very well in 2017 as it was broadcast by four million viewers, the program had a negative effect until it was canceled when ratings started to drop and the number of viewers received less than half of what the program started with. It was not so good when the first season reached the finals. Unpredictable: Netflix! And oh, how the show has gone up! There was no turning back. Named in many languages, it has become the most watched series on Netflix. (Now that 's back!)

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