10 Awesome Facts About Thor – God of Thunder

10 Awesome Facts About Thor –  God of Thunder

Fact no . 1

Many people know that Stan Lee created a great hero, Thor. But even hard-working fans do not know that Thor appeared on Venus # 11 in 1950. This was when Marvel became known as Atlas Comics. Marvel Comics did not open 11 years later. In this regard, the Roman goddess Venus, the goddess of discovery, finds a machine that has to move anyone to “the third level.” (That doesn’t make sense because we live in the third phase.) Thor appeared briefly in the magazine and did not resemble the one shown on Marvel these days. In fact, the comedy Thor began with had nothing to do with superheroes; it was a love series. He originally lived on earth, Venus.

Fact no . 2

Thor started at Marvel Comics in Journey thing Mystery 

Fact no . 3

Initially, Journey thing Mystery revolved around scary stories. Journey into Mystery # 1 began in 1952. The first story was about a flower seller who had stolen from a cemetery. Finally, the dead came back to collect their flowers. Somehow, the jokes go from that to Thor. After Thor appeared in the Journey thing Mystery, jokes surrounded him until the end of 1966.

Fact no . 4

Thor was the God of Thunder in the heavenly kingdom of Asgard until his father, Odin, expelled him from Earth for his arrogance. To rob him of his godlike power, his mind was put into the body of a paralyzed doctor named Donald Blake. Blake was so lame, he couldn’t walk without a cane. Odin removed Tor from his memory while sitting on Donald Blake’s body so he didn’t know he was Asgardian. He could only restore Thor’s power if he proved himself worthy.

Fact no . 5

In the film, Thor, Odin chases his son off Earth after he nearly started a war with the Frost Giants. In a joke, Thor was fired for starting a riot at a bar after winning an arm wrestling competition. I wish they put that in the movies.

Fact no . 6

He can open the chasms on Earth.

Fact no . 7

Thor’s power is found in his magic hammer, Mjolnir. Mjolnir can only be promoted by one who is fit enough to use his great power.

Fact no . 8

Donald Blake can get back to Thor by tapping his walking stick on any flat surface. After Thor regained his strength, he impersonated Donald Blake to live a public life. The idea of ​​”Thor turns into a mortal man” was abolished because of its unnecessary complexity.

Fact no . 9

Thor is Asgardian. Asgardian cells are much stronger than human cells. Although it looks like it will weigh about 300lbs, it actually weighs 640lbs.

Fact no . 10

At Thor’s first appearance, he fought a large rock mass called the Kronans. When Thor defeated the Kronans, they left the Earth, thinking that all the peoples of the earth were as powerful as Thor.

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