10 Most Amazing Facts About Goku

10 Amazing Facts About Goku

Fact no . 1

 Goku Saiyan Lower Class

Goku's father, Bardock, and his mother, Gine, were both Vegetarian planets.  In all of the first two arcs of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta has always said how Goku is a lowly hero while he is the highest hero category. This points to the fact that although Vegeta may not have needed training from birth, Goku, who trained all his life, built up his strength to the point where he could compete with the elite.

Fact no . 2

Gine Was A Saiyan Who Did Not Fight

Saiyans are a race of heroes with the highest strength of war and enjoy fighting or destroying. While Bardock was a fighter, Gine was his polar rival as he did not have a military power high enough and did not share the thirst for war like Saiyan in the middle.

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Instead, Gine, along with other Asians like hers, was given a menial job, sharing in the distribution of meat. While it may not have been the work that took his respect from everyone as a hero, it was still an important task considering the amount of food eaten by this genre.

Fact no . 3

Goten Born Like Super Saiyan

During the Cell saga, Goku and Gohan stayed in their Super Saiyan form to practice releasing their energy and making it easier to use. Goku did not meet Goten until Buu Saga, which means Goten became pregnant during a ten-day break before the start of the Mobile Games.

By maintaining his excellent Saiyan form all this time, Goku naturally passed on the trait of super Saiyan due to the increase in the number of “S-cells” in his body. , allowing him to change easily.

Fact no . 4

Bardock and Gine were in love

Saiyan men and women choose only their partners by breeding, and the relationship that seems to last only lasts until the survival of their race. Gine, a lowly and gentle woman, was already listed as the foremost among the Saiyan culture.

However, her relationship with Bardock was as sincere and unusual for all spouses as they were both married and always in love, rather than just for reproductive purposes, or because they both saw each other as powerful and powerful.

Fact no . 5

Goku Married Food

After accidentally killing his adoptive father, Gohan (also known as Grandpa Gohan), Goku was left with no idea how the world works. Therefore, his weak understanding of social norms and lack of understanding led him to promise to marry ChiChi when they were both young.

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During the Martial Arts tournament, many years later, ChiChi fights with Goku, and after the defeat, he reminds him of the promise he made long ago. Goku responded by saying that he thought marriage was a form of food at the time and agreed because he was starving. However, she still agreed to keep her promise to ChiChi and married him.

Fact no . 6

All Family Members Die Once

All one member of Goku's family died at least once. Her mother, Gine, died in the explosion of the planet Vegeta and her father, Bardock, died while dispersing from an attack on the Frieza supernova. His adoptive father, Gohan, suffered a tragic death when Goku turned to his Oozaru (Great Ape) region and trampled on him.

His brother, Raditz, and he also became victims of Piccolo's attack on the Special Beam Cannon in Saiyan. ChiChi was transformed into an egg by Buu when Gohan and Goten exploded with Earth. Her granddaughter, Pan, died when Frieza blew up the Earth at the end of resurrection F.

Fact no . 7

Married to the Royal Family

Many fans are unaware of the fact that although Ox-King ruled only a small kingdom containing Fire Mountain, he was still a king and by definition made ChiChi a princess and Goku, a prince. So basically, like Vegeta, who is royal but was born into it, Goku is also truly royal but he was married to her.

Although they may be a prince and a princess for nothing, because of all the Ox-King treasures and their burnt offerings, the same can be said of Vegeta who controls Goku and his children only because they are the only survivors.

Fact no . 8

Pan Has a Chance to Strengthen

Throughout the series, it has been said that half the species or offspring have more resistance than the pure Saiyaans.

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Both Gohan and the graduates managed to surpass their fathers in the Saga Saga, where the graduates gave more power to Vegeta during their first fight with Cell and Gohan became the first person to achieve the transformation of Ascended Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2 after opening only Super Saiyan Conversation less than a year ago. Pan is shown to be able to even fly like a baby who can't control ki, or to know what ki is.

Fact no . 9

Cousin Cell

Only one bio-Android in the Dragon Ball Z series, Cell, was created by Drs. Cell, as its name implies, was genetically engineered from repeated DNA samples from some of the world's largest bodyguards.

These samples included Piccolo DNA, Frieza, King Cold, Krillin, Vegeta, Goku, and Gohan, giving him great power and amazing abilities. Since Cell contains DNA from both Goku and Gohan, it makes him a blood relative of the family - more so on the side of a certain cousin.

Fact no . 10

Goku is very interested in his real parents

Born on Earth under the care of Grandpa Gohan, Goku grew up knowing only Gohan as his parent. When the question was raised as to why he had never asked Vegeta about his real estate, Goku's response was that he simply did not care.

His view of the Saints was further slandered after his brother took his son, Nappa killed his friends and Vegeta, of two arcs, committed the murder. So now Goku sees himself as a Saiyan from Earth. His identity is associated with his humble beginning on a green planet, rather than the Vegeta Planet.

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