40 intresting Facts About Shinchan

40 Facts About Shinchan

1) Shinchan the total name is "Shinnosuke Shin Nohara" and "Shinchan could be a nickname for Shinchan.

2) Shinchan likes to entertain older women with long legs.

3) In 2008 Shinchan was prohibited in India.

4) Miase Nohara is twenty nine years previous.

5) Hiroshi Nohara is thirty five years previous.

6) Hiroshi Nohara has AN older brother named "Semashi Nohara" and lives along with his oldsters. however Semashi Nohara seems solely to lie.

7) In Shinchan motion picture Villain Vs Dulhan (Super Dimension! The Storm is termed My Bride) Shinchan is twenty five years previous and Himawari is twenty years previous.

8) within the future Nene are a tutor at futaba crèche.

9) Kazaza invariably thinks he's the leader of the Kasukabe Defense cluster.

10) Shinchan's house explodes with gas leaks ANd once living in an previous lodging.

11) Yosinaga is twenty four years previous and is married to Ishizaka.

12) Matsuzaka is twenty four years previous and her beau is doctor curd.

13) Dr curd is twenty six years previous.

14) Yoshiji Koyama is Shinchan's grandpa and is that the father of the mist and is sixty three years previous and a retired pastor.

15) Shinchan's grandmother's name is Hisae Koyama.

16) Nizu Suzuki is Bo-chan's sister and comes from a trickster solely.

17) Bo-Chan's mother seems solely to kiss him.

18) Shinchan's father is Assistant container.

19) Ginnosuke Nohara is that the father of Hiroshi and Shinchan's grandpa and is sixty five years previous.

20) Nanako Ohara could be a real Shinchan crush.

21) Nanako could be a collegian and wished to be a preschool teacher.

22) Shinchan was born on could fifth.

23) In 2006 Shinchan was 1st discharged in Republic of India.

24) presently concerning twenty eight Shinchan movies ar being discharged in Japan.

25) Yonro is twenty three years previous.

26) Yonro works in an exceedingly store as a brief worker.

27) Masao's nickname is onion as a result of his head is sort of a ball of rice.

28) Masao and kazama invariably try and impress Ai-Chan.

29) Shiloh's parent could be a borsht, a feminine dog.

30) the $64000 owner of the shiro is Run. Run could be a girl WHO seems like Shinchan and is barely placed on a lie.

31) Micchi Hatogaya is four years older compared to Joshirin. Micchi is twenty six years previous and Johirin is twenty two years previous.

32) Matsu Matsuzaka is that the older sister of Ume Matsuzaka. she is twenty eight years previous and appears like Ume Matsuzaka.

33) The Nohara family is within the middle.

34) Kazaza's father works within the USA.

35) Miase Nohara Loves discounts and sells.

36) Shinchan likes to eat chochocips.

37) The Kazaza family is extremely wealthy.

38) Shinchan's teacher Masumi Ageo is twenty three years previous.

39) The name of the Shinchan Principal is Bunta Takaura.

40) All episodes of Shinchan horror ar started by Principle Sir.

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