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50 Best BEN 10 Facts

1. Ben 10 was created by Man of Action studio and its authors they are Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle..

Ben 10 writers Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle

2. The Man of Action Studio also did not create the Ben 10 Cartoon Network series but also did the Generator Rex and its senior manager shows Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel's Avengers Assemble.

3. The TV series was originally called '10 Ben 'when it was aired on Boomerang. But he was later named Ben 10 when the game was transferred to Cartoon Network.

4. If you watch the game carefully, every time the first alien used in each Omnitrix by Ben was a member of the fire alien DNA.

The first traveler he used was Heatblast, and then the second one when he grew up in the Alien Force, turning it into a Swampfire. For the Ultimatrix season, the Ultimate Swampfire is what he wants.

Swampfire Ben 10 Alien Force DNA alien

5. Cannonbolt was the first Alien to replace Ghostfreak and was the first to have the Last Form in the first series.

Cannonbolt in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

6. Benjamin Tennyson is not the only one who has used the Omnitrix clock. Just before Ben 10, no Watch Ben has used it first with transfers to Gray Matter, Cannonbolt and Armodrillo.

7. Back in the history of Ben 10's comic book, Ghostfreak is the first DNA Alien he has ever used.

Ghostfrreak Ben 10 is the first alien to escape

8. Ben 10: The Omniverse Season is the only series that doesn't release the external type 4-Arms DNA.

The first season introduced Four Weapons, the Alien Force introduced the Spider-Monkey, and the Ultimate Alien introduced the AmpFibian.

9. Professor Paradox, a British immortal scientist, was inspired by the BBC's Doctor Who series. He is the Tenth Doctor in a series made by Professor from.

Professor Paradox on Ben 10

10. Ben 10's full name is Benjamin Kirby Tennyson. And the middle word inspired comes from Marvel comic book writer Jack Kirby. He had worked on many of his projects with Great Stan Lee.

11. In point 2, I mentioned About Man of Actions in many other fields. In addition, it also produced the comic book Big Hero 6 which later Marvel produced its first animated CG film.

12. Like four CW TV cross-over series including Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow Ben 10 has also done a crossover.

One time Ben went to another episode during Ben 10: The Ultimate Universe Season to the Universe where the Generator Rex series roams the Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United.

Episode Ben 10 / Generator Rex Heroes United crossover

13. There were two live action movies based on the Ben 10 TV series. The first is Ben 10: Race Against Time released after the end of the actual series. The second is Ben 10: Alien Swarm which takes place during the Alien Force series.

14. One of the authors from Man of Action Studio, Joe Kelly created the 33rd edition of his first continuous comedy series in Deadpool in 1997. But because of its unpopularity, he got tired and left the series.

The release of Joe Kelly's first comedy book Deadpool


But now in the 21st century 2016, the Deadpool character is gaining more popularity.
15. Initially when Ben got his Omnitrix clock, he was able to convert it into his own version that was different from another timeline. But the idea became a later change for the aliens.

A different kind of Ben 10

16. On Omnitrix Clock and its various other followers, Master Control allows its users to open all Omnitrix functions as access to all aliens without time limit. One of the great benefits of Master Control is that the use of the Alien DNA mutation has no time limit.

the omnitrix of ben 10 and Azmuth

According to author McDuffie, Ben could only open with his Voice Command. But as we have seen in 'War of the Works Part 1', how Azmuth opens it with his voice command.

18. After opening Master Control, Ben was able to transform into various DNA aliens by naming aliens. But the Omnitrix only saw the word after opening it.

Omnitrix Ben View

19. Originally Omnitrix was intended for Max who was organized to process his DNA. Because of his close-knit game, it allows Ben to use the Omnitrix.

Grandpa Max is wearing an Omnitrix

20. There is also a new Omnitrix called 'Ultimatrix: Recreated' created by Albedo to stabilize his transformation. Because he could not stay long enough in his outward conversion.

Ultimatrix rebuilt by Azmuth

21. Albedo is Azmuth's former ally who assists him in re-creating the Omnitrix. But he turned out to be Ben Tennyson's imperfect character. Since then he has a great hatred and a third for revenge on Ben.

Albedo, Azmuth's assistant

22. Elsewhere, when Albedo used the Alien X version, like Ben he also got stuck in motion but unlike him, Albedo stuck for almost a year.

23. Ben was not the first to use Waybig DNA alien. During the upcoming Ken 10 episode, the eldest son of Ben, Ken, was the one who used the alien while fighting Kevin 11,000. Ben later turned into a Waybig in the Secret of the Omnitrix special episode.

Ben 10's DNA is a major external changer in Waybig

24. When Ben got a cold, after a change his DNA aliens forms also got results. His first fire of the alien Heatblast revolution turns blue and replaces his ability to control the fire into ice.

Ben 10's cold hit Heatblast

25. In Ben 10: Omniverse series his words sounded like Marvel’s Ghost Rider.

26. Vilgax, Ben's greatest enemy, is thought to have been left-handed because whenever he found the Omnitrix clock, he would place it on his right wrist directly facing Ben wearing his left wrist.

Vilgax Ben 10

27. The Ben 10 producer always refers to Vilgax characters as Darth Vader without humor. (Does that mean Darth Vader has a sense of humor ???)

28. Vilgax laser eye vision is exactly the same as Omega's Darkseid comic comics vision.

He also mentions other DC characters such as Superman with similar capabilities and laser beam eye vision, flight power, and superpowers.

29. Over the years, there have been many rebellions from the Ben 10 series. Vilgax is the main protagonist of the series. Apart from him, there are other criminals including Dr. Animo, Hex, Charmcaster, and Vulkanus.

30. As we know most of the time, Vilgax has been portrayed as a bad person. But there are others who are superior to him such as Aggregor, Malware, Za’Skayr, Mutant To’kustars and Maltruant. But for them, Aggregor and Maltruant are the only evil creatures with evil evil powers.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Aggregor

31. Vilgax is one of the characters like Davy Jones of Pirates of the Caribbean, Frieza who plays in the Dragon Ball series, Dragon Bludvist of How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Megatron in the Transformers series.

32. In Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, according to the show's author Dwayne McDuffie, Aggregor was a vicious criminal with a greater threat than Vilgax, even before he became the last Aggregor.

33. Even though he was the Ultimate version of Aggregor, he had less experience of absorbing power than Kevin. When Ultimate Kevin attacked him, he tried to absorb his great power, but due to his lack of knowledge of that kind of power, he failed.

Ultimate Kevin in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

34. If you don’t know, in fact, the power to absorb Aggregor actually comes from Kevin’s power.

35. Kevin is the winner (what we know). And Aggregor is one of the few bad guys who has never been defeated by Ben himself.

36. Another fact about Highbreed is that the name sounds like Hybrid which is a combination of two different types.

Ben and Highbreed at Ben 10 Alien Force

37. The Highbreed Race is very similar to the Kree Race from the Marvel Universe whose sole purpose is to change the dead end and conquer other lands. They also do experiments on their own to resume evolution.

38. Charmcaster is the only gangster in the entire Ben 10 series that successfully killed Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. But it did not last long.

Charmcaster and Gwen in the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

39. Charmcaster is almost like Scarlet Witch in Marvel Comics because they are both witches who first became villains but later became good.

Both characters are related to the big villain. Scarlet Witch is related to Magnetic and Charmcaster and Hex.

40. If Gwen finds her own series, Charmcaster would join her side as Kevin joins Ben's side.

41. The second pure evil that followed Aggregor, Maltruant was the darkest enemy in Ben 10: Omniverse series.

Ben 10: The Malniverse Omniverse villain

It was later revealed that Maltruant's main reason for dominating the universe was Vilgax's obsession of the Omnitrix. This makes him the biggest villain of the entire Ben 10 franchise.

42. Initially, Kevin was intended to change in the first series of Ben 10.

43. Ben’s one of the most powerful and strongest DNA aliens is Alien X. Ultimate Version of Alien X losses both Ubuntu, Bellicus, and Serena. This gives Ben complete control over his powers and makes him the most powerful transformer of the Alien DNA in the Ultimatrix.

Modification of Alien X DNA

44. One of the coolest facts about Alien X is that it has the ability to hit the entire planet, with incredible speed that allows him to travel across the sun in just seconds.

45. Everyone knows that he is almighty. It means he can wrap the actual, time and continuity of space as he wishes. That made him able to take back any events as Ben did in the Alien Force series.

46. ​​A future Ben type, Ben 10000 often chooses Ultimate Ben for faster and faster access to DNA aliens.

Ultimate Ben 10000 in Ultimate Alien

47. The Ultimate Waybig is almost identical to the Ultraman Taro from the Ultraman franchise. He was the first Ultimate DNA immigrant to produce a Ben 10: Ultimate Alien DVD cover titled 'The Ultimate Ending'.

Ultimate Waybig during the Diagonal battle in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

48. Ben of another senior manager Zs'Skayr looks exactly like the Ultimate Ghostfreak. Until the end of the Rad Monster Party, no one called him by his real name. Instead, they chose to call him Ghostfreak.

Chief executive Zs'Skayr Ben

49. During Ben 10: Omniverse, there was a crossover episode called T.G.I.S. between Ben 10 and Secret Saturday which was another Cartoon Network action show.

Episode Ben 10 and Secret Saterdays crossover

50. After Ben 10: Omniverse, in 2015 Cartoon Network announced a new Ben 10 Rebooted series of the same name based on the first series. (Seems interesting).

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