Hulk Facts You Need to Know

14 Hulk Facts you Need To Know 

Fact 1
Robert Bruce Banner appeared as Hulk in Incredible Hulk # 1 in 1963. The first line of text says, "Are you a man or a beast or bobabili both?"

Amazing Hulk # 1 in 1963
Fact 2
In the early years of Marvel, the most popular hero was the Fantastic Four character, the Thing. The authors believe that readers are prone to something that looks bad because it was imperfect. To increase sales, the writers decided to create another amazing hero and came up with the Hulk.

Fact 3
Bruce was a nuclear scientist who performed radiation tests. One day, he dropped a gamma bomb on the field to test its effects. At the last minute, he saw a young man named Rick Jones on the field. Bruce ran over to her and pressed down the ditch. At this point, the gamma bomb exploded, leaving Bruce exposed to the gamma rays. Radiation causes Bruce to turn into a Hulk every time he gets angry.

Fact 4
Many years later, it was revealed that the gamma bomb had been changed by Tony Stark just before it exploded. This means that the Hulk exists only because of Stark.

True Sin # 3.1 (2014)

Fact 5
In the first two stories, Bruce Banner didn't need to get angry to become a Hulk. The change took place only at night.

The Truth of the Hulk: Bruce Banner became a Hulk
Fact 6
The Hulk was gray in the first issue, not green. Marvel, however, noticed that gray was inconsistently old, making the Hulk look black or white on some panels. Then it was decided from then on that the Hulk would be green.

Fact 7
Despite his popularity, his first series was canceled after six issues. The Hulk was unpopular until he joined The Avengers. At first, the writers were reluctant to put the Hulk in The Avengers since he came from a failed series.

Fact 8
Victor Hugo's legend, The Hunchback from Notre Dame, had an influence on the Hulk because they both revolved around a mysterious creature. The Jewish text of The Golem is another Hulk promotion. The Golem is an incredibly powerful creature that can speak. Although Hulk is very powerful, he has limited intelligence and a poor vocabulary.

Fact 9
Named Jade Giant, Green Goliath, Gray Goliath, Green Golem, and Mighty Bob.

True 10
Hulk is not only the most visible hero in the world, he is the most famous character in the world.

Fact 11
Bruce becomes a Hulk when he gets angry. It is not yet known what the Hulk's limit of power is. The anger only intensified.

Hulk Fact: Bruce becomes a Hulk when he gets angry
True 12
There is a Marvel area with a title called Mangaverse. In this place, the Hulk is a beast like Godzilla.

True 13
Her longtime girlfriend is Betty Ross. His longest contention is Betty's father, General Thaddeus Ross. Ross hates how his daughter has a relationship with Bruce but also wants to use Hulk's power for military purposes.

Fact 14
The Hulk has pierced the truth (though that is absurd.)

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