One Punch (Saitama) Man Facts

10 Fierece Facts About Saitama 

Fact no . 1

He Does Not Always Destroy Things Because of His Power
One Anime Saitama Boxing Man Plays Whack-A-Mole
Saitama’s power not only enabled him to successfully defend himself and his friends, but also saved the entire planet a few times. Saitama’s strength is very important, but being so powerful can be a huge burden on some people. At the level of power shown by Saitama it seems that even simple actions can lead to the destruction or injury of other people. He has obviously seen how to control his power, but he still seems to have to face a lot of difficulties in this department.

Fact no . 2

He does not remember the words or faces of the person
One Man Boxing Anime Saitama Confused
Saitama is portrayed as a very talented man, even though he sells himself often short. Saitama has a serious problem playing games that are in line with the hero’s politics, but his level of indifference to other heroes around him is astonishing. One thing that always bothers Saitama is his inability to remember who the other characters are, he also forgets their faces or attacks their names, like Fubuki.

Fact no . 3

He did not eat to steal
Fighting One Punch Man Anime Saitama In The Drug Store Down
The moral obligations of great heroes can be too great for others to handle. There are many shades of gray about whether heroes can change the rules. Saitama’s moral compass is often questioned, but he is still incomplete. Saitama often faces financial difficulties and often saves on its own money.Granted, there is a quality of Robin Hood-esque in this act, but it still shows that Saitama is determined to cross certain lines.

Fact no . 4

His Great Care for His Balance
One-Punch Man Anime Saitama Disguise Wig Mirror
Saitama performed the miracle of such a great hero because despite his great power, he is a very humble person who is content without being looked after and shows more happiness than simple pleasures in life. Most of the insults came from Saitama’s back, but the only place he felt sorry for him was his bald head. With such an important feature of Saitama, it seems he may have little peace of mind about this detail about him. Even the name given to the hero, Caped Baldy, annoys him and he prefers to just pass by Saitama.

Fact no . 5

You have Extra Teeth
One-Punch Man Anime Saitama bites and destroys Sonic’s sword
Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is one of the fastest heroes in the series, but Saitama can hold his own against him. One of the crazier controversies between the two involves Sonic’s arrival in Saitama with a sword. Saitama defends the attack by biting the sword, leaving not only Saitama unharmed, but also destroying Sonic’s sword. There is no reason why Saitama’s power should also extend to his teeth like this.

Fact no . 6

Type of Training
One-Punch Man Anime Saitama Promotes Heavy Survival Training
Perhaps the best joke in the whole One-Punch Man focuses on how Saitama acquires his superhuman strength in the first place. Saitama shows his strength in his difficult training environment, which turns out to be surprisingly central. Saitama participates in 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and 10km running for a year and a half. It makes no sense why this process could make Saitama stronger or why it is so much more powerful than the creatures transformed by the House of Evolution that are born to be beyond human limits.

Fact no . 7

You are free from the scorching heat
One-Punch Man Anime Saitama Clothes Burned To Fire
In One-Punch Man, there are many heroes and villains with great special powers that allow them to finish the race in painful ways. Saitama is very powerful, but that should not mean that he does not fully integrate into these types of things, but Saitama says that this is because he trained without using an air conditioner or heater. Repeated scenes showed the power of the flames that left Saitama unscathed, while his clothes burned. Even the Orochi fire, which destroys cities, does not affect Saitama. Illegal, the snow-capping of the Withered Sprout also shows a void in it.

Fact no . 8

He can jump on the Moon
One Man Boxing Anime Saitama Month Looks At The World
One-Punch Man’s Saitama is best known for his many strengths, but he is above average in many categories, some of which are more absurd than others. The first season of One-Punch Man strikes out Saitama and Boros, a much bigger battle that sends Saitama to the moon and back. Saitama can’t jump to the moon with zero gravity, but he can hold his breath in space to the point that he must have superhuman strength. The experience of leaving the earth’s atmosphere unprotected should damage Saitama.

Fact no . 9

How She Lost Her Hair
One-Punch Man Anime Young Saitama With Hair
Saitama is a hero who is often looked down upon because his humble appearance allows many to think that this hero is not really challenging. It’s amazing to see Saitama at work, but when he stops his routine he explains easily is his baldness.

What is interesting about this information is that Saitama does not shave his head. Instead she said the intensity of her training caused her hair to fall out from the extremes of it all. An unfamiliar, but irrational explanation.

Fact no . 10

His Hero Association Position Is B-Class Only
Position One-Punch Man Anime Saitama Depression Over Hero Association C
One of the most exciting things to run within One-Punch Man is that even though Saitama is clearly one of the most powerful heroes in the world, he still strives to play the Hero Association official games and strives to make a positive impact on the hero’s status.

Saitama starts at the bottom of the C-Class, but has moved up slightly to Rank 7 in the B-Class. Still, he should be an S-Class fighter easily and without Saitama’s humility, his low stance still annoys him.

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