Info - Pokemon is an animated show/Series that follows the adventures of the series main protagonist Ash Ketchum and his friends (Ash's Pikachu).
 The series is produced by Oriental Light & Magic Inc. in Japan.
 It premiered on TV Tokyo in Japan on April 1, 1997, and laterly was dubbed in English in the United States. 
The anime is divided into series and storyline arcs, which are then dubbed into seasons which are divided and aired according to the English dub opening themes of each episode .

Top 10 best pokemon's of Ash

Of all the Ash Pokémon, some are easier to remember than others. To put it bluntly, Charizard and Greninja are both candidates. However, the story is too low to say that one Pokémon is better than all the others. However, with each new district visited by Ash, some of the Pokémon quickly emerged, became important members of his group, and secured a place among their closest allies.

Number - 9
Pikachu looking at the camera
Pikachu is not only Ash's best friend and closest friend, but also one of his most powerful Pokémon. Pikachu's journey is uneven, and he encounters many changes throughout the anime. Starting black and white, you return to a weak state without explanation. However, in the current era of travel, Pikachu is also the most impressive and awesome Pokémon.

However, its power is limited, and its refusal to change certainly interferes with its ability to fight. Pikachu is a regular member of the Ash team, and has proved to be a force for good on many occasions, such as the Lily of the Valley conference against Tatias' Latios.

Number - 8
Kanto: Charizard
Charizard of the Pokemon series
Apparently the most popular Pokémon of Ash, the journey of Charizard and his Coach has been for some years. It begins to emerge as an abandoned Charmander, beginning the practice of getting Ash's Fire starters dumped by other Trainers. It then turns to the airy Charmeleon before reaching its final stage.

Like Charizard, Pokémon initially refused to give in to Ash and, at times, even violently opposed him. Over the years, they have become close, and Charizard returns to help Ash even though they have been separated from "Charizard's Burning Ambitions." Charizard fought Entei vigorously in the third Pokémon movie, even though it was part of a deception by Unown.

Number - 7
Johto: Heracross
Ash's Heracross, preparing for an attack
Heracross was the first Pokémon Ash held in Johto. Two types of Bug / Fighting soon became one of his biggest Pokémon, and Ash used it at the Lily of the Valley conference against Tobias' Darkrai, where it worked really well even though it couldn't win. Ash also used it during his critical battle with Gary Oak at the Silver Conference. Heracross defeats Gary's Magmar before defeating his Blastoise.

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Heracross is ambitious but easily distracted. Its love for salt is an active wave in the series, and it often releases it from Bulbasaur's bulb, much to the annoyance of the green frog.

Number - 6
Hoenn: Sceptile
Sensitivity from the Pokemon series
Sceptile is not the first Grass starter Ash owns, but it is the most powerful. After all, his Bulbasaur has never changed, and his Chikorita only makes Bayleef. So, Sceptile is the second fully-fledged startup Ash has owned after Charizard.

As one of Ash's suave Pokémon, Sceptile remained calm and collected, like Treecko. And he is extremely proud and stubborn, qualities that make him even more difficult in battle. Sceptile triumphantly recalled Tobias' Darkrai, cementing his position as one of Ash's most impressive Pokémon.

Number - 5
Sinnoh: Infernape
Infernape of the Pokemon series
Like Charmander, Chimchar was abandoned by his former coach, Paul. Painful but encouraging, he joins Ash on a journey that will eventually turn into a powerful Coach Sinnoh Pokémon. Chimchar is one of the most revealing Pokémon in the anime and cried many times during his first days with Ash.

Like the Infernape, and whenever he used the Blaze, it went berserk and lost control. It even hurt Ash, and it took a lot of Coach’s work to make the fire monkey go down. Infernape also shares the same personality with its Coach, as both he and Ash are always looking for stronger coaches.

Number - 4
Unova: Pignite
Ash and Snivy celebrated with the newly converted Pignite
The Ash's Unova team is not very corrupt. Although it holds all Starters, only one is flexible, but it does not reach its final form. Like Chimchar and Charizard before it, Tepig’s former coach is also leaving. He voluntarily walks with Ash after the Coach has been kind to him, but remains uncertain about himself.

It converts to Pignite while fighting its former owner, Seamus, where his self-confidence develops, to no avail. Pignite is also very grateful to Ash's Charizard and a friendly rival to his Infernape.

Number - 3
Kalos: Greninja
Greninja Pokemon
Unlike Unova, Ash has many Pokémon icons in Kalos. Goodra, Novern, and Talonflame are all different, but only Greninja comes out on top. Although his personality does not show, Greninja is one of Ash's most powerful Pokémon and has a very close relationship with him.

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This approach eventually allows him to acquire a different form known as Ash-Greninja. It takes a while for both Teerner and Pokémon to master the form because Ash also feels physical pain whenever Greninja does damage. Ash's decision to release Greninja in "Meeting the Needs of Many!" there is always controversy in society, but the spirit of Pokémon lives in the hearts of the fans.

Number - 2
Alola: Melmetal
Ash and Pikachu climbed into Melmetal's body
Since its first appearance on Pokémon: GO and remains unavailable in most of the mains series games, Melmetal and its previous evolution, Meltan, are not particularly popular with many players. The anime, which is often opposed to sports, has a large Meltan population living in the wild, one of which eventually joins the Ash band.

It turns into Melmetal after meeting another wild Meltan, increasing its power significantly. Naturally curious and independent Pokémon, Melmetal is always wandering, which annoys Ash. It also tends to work alone, or during wartime. Melmetal is the first and to date the only Mythical Pokémon owned by Ash.

Number - 1
Galar: Dracovish
Drakovish lovingly bites Ash's head
Dracovish is a very strange Pokémon.

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